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Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo

Gas Remote Control Cars - Fusion 28 Turbo

Summary: The Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo is a serious remote controlled machine. It not only looks fast, at 80+mph it is fast! With foam tires it has the handling to match the speed. Includes a 3-speed transmission to give strong acceleration. Comes ready to run with a 2.4GHz digital radio control system. To complete the package, other items such as glow plug driver, fuel, AA batteries and cordless torque drill or roto start will need to be purchased separately.

Scale: 1/10th On-Road Touring Car

Engine: 4.5cc Schumacher X28 (3.25 horsepower and 40,000rpm)

Transmission: 3 Speed, Belt Drive 4wd

Body: 200mm Touring Car in Blue or Silver

Top Speed:  80mph

Est. Sale Price: $499

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See large photo below showing the chassis of the very fast Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo remote control car.

Gas Radio Control Car Fusion 28 for Sale

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