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CEN CTR 90mph Radio Control Gas Car 

Gas Radio Control Cars Cen CTR 5.0

Summary: Outrageously fast is the 90+mph CEN Racing CTR 5.0. One of the fastest radio control gas cars out of the box that is ready to run. For experienced hobbyists. Safety first.

Scale: 1/10th On-Road Touring Car

Engine: 5.0cc Corsa

Transmission: 2 Speed, Belt Drive 4wd

Body: Subaru, Mini Cooper, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari

Top Speed:  90+mph

Est. Sale Price: $399

Where to Buy: Gas R/C Cars for Sale from these online hobby shops.

See large photo below of the CEN Racing CTR 5.0 radio control car chassis. Noticable is the huge engine heatsink and large airfilter. Design looks clean and simple and should make maintenance very easy.

Cen CTR 5.0

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