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Kyosho V-One RRR Shimo Edition

Gas Powered RC Cars Kyosho V-One RRR Shimo for Sale

Summary: The gas powered Kyosho V-One RRR Shimo Edition is one of the best in the 1/10 200mm racing category. Full of hop up parts to improve handling and acceleration. Vented disk brackes, offset clamps, 9 shock mounting positions, new shock design and hard anodized pinion gears are just some of the new parts in this model.

Scale: 1/10th On-Road Touring Car

Engine: .12 cubic inch

Transmission: 2 Speed, Belt Drive 4wd

Body: 200mm Touring Car

Top Speed:  50 mph est.

Est. Sale Price: $

Where to Buy: Gas R/C Cars for Sale from these online hobby shops.

Please check with your hobby shop on what parts come with this kit and what additional items you will need to buy. Racing kits are usually chassis only and would require you supply your own engine, tuned pipe, body, electronics and tires.

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